Very satisfied!

Name: Normal F

Date: 3/6/14

I’ve been a customer of Allied Services, Inc. for about 32 years. I get a contract with them every year to make sure I’m on top of everything. With all the cold we had here this winter, my heat pump went out. They came out and found my circuit breaker was out. They…(Read More)

Professional, efficient, makes you feel comfortable

Name: Dan W

Date: 3/5/14

We’ve lost our heat three times this winter and Allied Services has come out and fixed the pilot for us at no charge to us. We like Penny who calls to schedule and we pay extra for our contract where we’re put ahead. We’ve found that very helpful. When we do get…(Read More)

5 stars!

Name: James S

Date: 2/27/14

My A/C was having some problems so I decided to get it replaced. Allied Services has proved to be a reputable company, they have displayed a strong willingness to get the job done no matter the cost and they have excellent customer service. A true 5 star company…(Read More)

A good company!

Name: Phyllis B

Date: 2/25/14

We have used Allied Services, Inc. for over 25 years. We built our house over 30 years ago, and we used a company previous to that. But that didn’t work out, and we’ve been using Allied ever since! They have re-installed many of our heat pumps, and a couple years…(Read More)

Professional individuals

Name: Virginia M

Date: 2/14/14

My heater broke not too long ago and I didn’t know who to contact. But my friend recommended Allied Services to me and I decided to give them a shot. It turns out that was the right move because I now know how professional, polite and kind they are and I will be…(Read More)

Simple and hassle free

Name: Diane R

Date: 2/11/14

I haven’t had to use Allied Services much but I’m on their plan. Like anything else there is a priority system. Since I am on the plan than I get priority over someone who does not have a plan with them. But they did take a while to get out to my place a couple…(Read More)

He cared about what he was doing.

Name: Gail B

Date: 2/10/14

We bought a new furnace, and Allied Services came out to give us a total checkup after that furnace turned a year old. The guy came when I asked and was courteous. He cared about the work, while some people just breeze through things…(Read More)

Excellent service and quality work!!! Allied stands behind their work and responds quickly..

Name: Jeff B

Date: 12/11/13

Allied has installed a new furnace and a/c system. They also installed a roof power vent and a dryer vent. Each time I have used Allied I have been very satisfied with their work and service. I would recommend Allied and will continue to use them in the future…(Read More)

Very impressed with this company’s communication and integrity

Name: Betty C

Date: 10/11/13

We have been using Allied Services for the past four or five years. We’ve had them work on several things in our home for us. For the most part, it’s all been extremely good. We had Allied Services install a new water furnace for us, and we couldn’t have been…(Read More)

Been more than satisfactory

Name: Jack D

Date: 10/8/13

Allied Services comes out twice a year to do maintenance and a check up on everything every six months or twice a year. They installed the heating and cooling system in my house. They always call ahead before they show up which allows me to budget my time and…(Read More)

Great company

Name: Sharon T

Date: 10/8/13

Allied Services did what they said they would do. They worked well with the contractors and when there were issues, they came right away and deal with them. I suggest people really think through what they want and ask a whole bunch of questions before they start the…(Read More)

very good

Name: wef e

Date: 8/14/13

my experience was great…(Read More)

Excellent Service; Fast, Friendly, Honest, and knowledgeable people who care.

Name: Jolene H

Date: 1/24/13

One of the coldest days of the year our furnace went our. I had no idea who to call… A friend recommended Allied Services, Inc. heating & Air saying they will figure the problem out and fix it quick. Well a call to Allied in the mid morning and Mr. Maruca…(Read More)

You couldn’t ask for a better heating & air conditioning company.

Name: Patrick C

Date: 5/17/12

Allied did a great job installing our central air conditionin many years ago. I asked for a recommendation for the unit and they gave me various alternatives based on quality, purchase price, and operating cost. They also take care of our hot water system that is…(Read More)