Furnace Installation

If your Dayton home feels cold in the winter and hot in the summer, then it could be time for a furnace installation or an inspection. HVAC systems that are 10 or 15 years old operate very inefficiently by today’s standards. Rest assured, Allied Services, Inc. offers 24-hour service, with a guarantee of an installation of a furnace within 48-hours when installing a new piece of equipment — perfect for those times when your furnace quits in the latest cold spell. For furnace installation services, contact us at (937) 836-5191 schedule an appointment.

Dayton Furnace Installation

Professional Furnace Installation Services

An efficient heating and cooling system can help you save on your heating and air conditioning bill. When you call Allied Services, Inc. for a new furnace installation, our professional technicians walk you through the process to ensure that we install the best unit for your home.

We take the time that many other businesses do not by sending an engineer to your home to run a load calculation. A load calculation is a formula that helps us to correctly size your Dayton furnace. Don’t let your contractor guess as to the correct size of a heating and cooling unit when you’re installing a furnace. If they refuse to perform a load calculation, simply find another contractor that will take this necessary step. Luckily for you, that’s a step we never miss.

Installing a New Furnace

Our factory-trained experts will go to the customer’s home to install the furnace according to the plans set up by the engineer and the homeowner. After completed, a quality control representative visits and inspects the equipment to ensure we have total customer satisfaction and that we have maintained our highest standard of practices. City or county building inspection personnel will also perform a third-party inspection. As you can tell, Allied Services, Inc. sets the bar high. We demand of ourselves total customer satisfaction and quality services.

We’ve worked on a number of furnaces throughout Dayton and the rest of Ohio. Below you’ll find some of the projects we completed. Take a look, and give us a call at (937) 836-5191 if you’d like to receive a quote on any new installation or repairs.


Contact Allied Services, Inc. today for an estimate on your air conditioner or furnace installation. Whether you’re looking for a heat pump, geothermal heating, or a gas heating systems, we’ve got the right unit for your home. In addition to furnace installation, we can also handle furnace repair and air conditioning repair services on all makes and models from fuel oil and propane to natural gas and electric heaters. Don’t forget to ask us about our free second opinion service and our cost-effective maintenance plans. Call us today at (937) 836-5191 to schedule an inspection and receive a free quote.