They always take care of me.

Name: Anita M

Date: 8/12/15

I have been using Allied Services, Inc., for too many years to remember. They have always responded if I call for any reason, and I always get taken care of. Whenever, they’re done servicing either my furnace or my AC unit, I’m always informed about …(Read More)

Just great!

Name: Brad J

Date: 8/10/15

Allied Services have always been there when we have a problem. They are always on time, the people who come out are knowledgeable, when there is a problem I can talk to them. It’s always a good experience one of the best companies we have had come…(Read More)

We had a very good experience!

Name: Doris M

Date: 7/20/15

We had Allied Services out to fix a furnace that someone else installed. They seemed to know what they are doing, everything turned out fine. We had a very good experience…(Read More)

Exceptionally well pleased!

Name: Mark E

Date: 7/14/15

Allied Services put the plumbing, heating, and ac in the house we bought in 2000 and we’ve been satisfied with their service ever since. They service our heat and air conditioning twice a year. They have always been prompt service about calling and get work…(Read More)


Name: Kelli W

Date: 6/25/15

I called Allied the evening my AC quit working. They squeezed me in and had a repairman at my house the next day. He was professional and competent! He had it fixed in about 15 minutes, and even though I was the last appointment of the day, he went the extra mile…(Read More)

Service above the rest

Name: Diane R

Date: 6/15/15

I have a maintenance and labor contract with Allied Services, Inc. and have worked with the company for twenty years or more. I love Penny, the service consultant. She schedules service and ensures that emergencies are handled promptly. I recently had an issue and…(Read More)

Dependable and reliable.

Name: David V

Date: 6/11/15

I have been a customer of Allied Services for fifteen years. Their technicians are dependable, reliable, and arrive when they say they will. I didn’t rate them as five stars all around because there is always room for improvement. I would recommend their service…(Read More)

Furnace repairs made simple

Name: Joseph R

Date: 6/1/15

They’re good people, the only people I call for my furnace. I switched over from propane to natural gas, and they took care of everything, from the house out to the meter. They did a fine job! I use them for my rental property, too. Whatever you need, they work…(Read More)

Convenient, dependable, trustworthy

Name: Gary D

Date: 5/14/15

Allied Services, Inc. has replaced and maintained our home air conditioner, furnace, and dehumidifier for the last eighteen years. They always provide the service we need when we need it. They really take ownership of their service and call us when it is time for…(Read More)

Very pleased with their service.

Name: Bill H

Date: 5/12/15

I have been using Allied Services for almost ten years now, and I have always been very pleased with their service. I have a contract with them, so they come by twice a year to take a look at my heat pump and furnace. They take care of everything. I like that they…(Read More)

They always show up and do a fine job.

Name: Elmer S

Date: 5/8/15

I have Allied Services, Inc. come out twice a year, once in the winter to help me with my furnace, and again in the spring/summertime to help me with my air conditioning. They come when they say they will, and they do what they come out to do. It’s been good, and I…(Read More)

Experience has been very very satisfactory!

Name: Phyllis T

Date: 4/8/15

I’ve been with Allied Services for 40 years and I’ve always had good luck with them. They installed my original furnace and they come to service it. Today, the serviceman had to reschedule due to the storm that’s coming. I like this company very much and never had…(Read More)

Excellent Service!

Name: Patrick E

Date: 2/20/15

We have been using Allied Services, Inc. for over five years and are really happy to have found them. They come out twice a year to do an inspection of our home and recommend, if any, repairs that we need. They always arrive on time and have great customer…(Read More)


Name: Mike B

Date: 2/19/15

Allied Services, Inc. replaced two heat pumps of ours. One was 15 years ago and it turned out excellent. The second one was done two years ago and it didn’t turn out so excellent. It is noisy and rattles a lot. It does not have the same quality as the first one they…(Read More)