Explained everything thoroughly, main complaint was heat exchanger.

Name: John L

Date: 1/16/15

A year and 3 months ago, we had crack in our heat exchanger, and so we had it replaced by Allied Services. In July, we had a heat pump put in. After that, our thermostat read out went blank. We called the serviceman, and he thought there was something wrong with the…(Read More)

A pleasant company

Name: T B

Date: 1/12/15

I have used Allied Services, Inc.. for years now, and they are always pleasant to work with. They have always done a good job, and I have never had any problems with them. They do what they say they will do, and they are very reliable. I bought my air-conditioning…(Read More)

Excellent Service.

Name: Jim H

Date: 12/19/14

Allied Services has worked with us a couple of times at our new home. My husband and I have been at our house for less than a year. The servicemen are friendly, their service has been fine and we have no complaints. They’re good at responding to service requests in…(Read More)

Excellent Service so far.

Name: Lauren M

Date: 12/17/14

I’ve been using Allied Services for a couple of years and would definitely recommend them. They’ve been prompt, helpful, and accommodating with their services and I appreciate all that they do. The little things that they do like putting on booties before entering…(Read More)

They do a good job.

Name: Harry H

Date: 11/20/2014

Allied Services does a good job. I had my house built in 1968, and since then they have done all my heating and air conditioning. They have always been really good whenever we’ve had them. I would recommend them to anyone who appreciates quality service. Harry…(Read More)

Exceptional customer service

Name: Tami W

Date: 11/17/2014

Allied Services, Inc. was very prompt and professional. My heater had stopped working in the coldest week in January of 2014. I called them that night, and they came out right away. They were accommodating and worked with my budget. They were very professional in…(Read More)

They were professional and knew what had to be done for a great price.

Name: Harold A

Date: 10/20/2014

I have had Allied Services, Inc. as my allies for decades now, and I would highly recommend their service to anyone. About forty years ago I had them fix my dryer for me. They fabricated a new window to allow the exhaust to go out, and it only cost a…(Read More)

They came, they saw, they fixed.

Name: Sandra W

Date: 10/15/2014

Allied Services is excellent. They provide great services for a great value. My family had actually been using Sears for all of our air conditioning and heating needs, but they would always take too long to come out and charged too much for their work. We decided to…(Read More)

Good work done by Allied Services

Name: Diane D

Date: 9/18/14

Allied Services did a lot of work in my garage. I had a leak in my roof, an ice dam, a hole in the wall and a yellow jackets nest in the garage. They had to redo the ceiling paint and paint everything. I thought the work was very well done. I went with them because…(Read More)

Very professional competent company

Name: James N

Date: 9/11/14

I have been using Allied Services for about 15 or 20 years. I used them at my old house first and when we bought my new house the furnace had also been installed by Allied so we kept using their services. They are just a really good company that is very reliable. We…(Read More)

Reliable and did a good job

Name: Richard M

Date: 9/8/14

Allied Services, Inc. installed a furnace in my home. They did a good job with the installation. They are reliable…(Read More)

Very good company. Have been using for 40 years

Name: Carrie M

Date: 8/22/14

Allied Services is a very good company, I’ve been using them for about 40 years now. A few years ago we had a new furnace and air conditioner put in and have had them back to service them and they’ve taken good care of us. I’m very satisfied with their work and…(Read More)

Great customer service

Name: Sue S

Date: 8/19/14

We’ve been using Allied Services for about 14 years. They service our heating and AC units, and come out twice a year. We always have a great experience with the servicemen when they come. They usually call beforehand, and come within the hour. They’re always…(Read More)

Very Excellent experience

Name: David F

Date: 8/11/14

I’ve been using Allied Services for over five years and they’re pretty good overall. We purchased an air conditioning system through them. With our service contract, they make sure to send someone out twice a year to clean and maintain our air conditioning system…(Read More)