They do their job

Name: Geraldine J

Date: 5/15/14

I’ve been using Allied Services, Inc. for at least a few years. They do their job. They come out, and they do what they are supposed to do…(Read More)

Good experience

Name: Marilyn F

Date: 5/9/14

I’ve used Allied Services for years. They check out my furnace and air conditioner to make sure everything’s running right and that I’m okay for the rest of the season. They go about their work quietly, they tell me when they’re done, and that’s it…(Read More)

Good experience

Name: Ruth B

Date: 5/7/14

Allied Services helped me install a new air conditioner when somebody unfortunately stole mine. The technician who arrived was very well-mannered and worked quickly and efficiently. I saw no problems with their work at all. He was on time and got the job done, as…(Read More)

Satisfied customer

Name: Lou F

Date: 5/6/14

My experience in working with Allied Services, Inc. overall has been great and I am satisfied with the results of their work. They have always been punctual, come promptly and on time, showed a good work ethic and professional demeanor and I can’t say enough about…(Read More)


Name: Nick B

Date: 4/9/14

We’ve been using Allied Services, Inc. since we moved into our house in September. They’ve been very responsive when we’ve called. We have a new system that we thought had an issue, but it turned out it didn’t. They came right out and told us what was going on…(Read More)

Good service

Name: Patricia K

Date: 4/4/14

Allied Services, Inc. installed my home furnace and did a very good job. Any time that I’ve needed service they have come right away and did a very good job. They always come when I call…(Read More)

Prompt service with excellent results everytime

Name: Peter D

Date: 4/1/14

My experience with Allied Services, Inc. has left my with excellent results and a positive overall experience. I’ve used them in the past for about the last 10 years and they have always been very prompt and professional in their service. Recently my furnace had…(Read More)

Great service rendered!

Name: Gloria W

Date: 3/31/14

I’ve been using Allied Services, Inc. for quite a few years, maybe ten years. They’ve done really good work so far, and everything’s working. They come out and respond to my calls very quickly. I keep using them because they are close to my vicinity, and the…(Read More)

All around positive experience

Name: Mindy F

Date: 3/26/14

I’m so glad to have found Allied Services. Taylor and his crew installed a heating system in my house. It was a huge project but everyone had a terrific throughout during the whole process. The service from start to finish was excellent. There were no hidden charges…(Read More)


Name: Richard F

Date: 3/21/14

Allied Services primarily does tune-ups and stuff like that for my furnace and geothermal once a year. I always call them. Chad, the service rep, usually waits on me and does geothermal. He’s excellent and does a great job. We had some problems back during the cold…(Read More)

I couldn’t have asked to be treated better by anybody.

Name: Steve P

Date: 3/11/14

We’ve been using Allied Services since 1995 when we originally built our home. I’ve had them on a service contract so they come out twice a year. We’ve had some difficulty with air conditioner parts but they were always here to take care of it. They gave us a good…(Read More)

It was good and the worker is very helpful.

Name: Erma E

Date: 3/10/14

I’m very happy with Allied Services! They do fine work. The first time I used their services was about 20 years ago, and they have always done really well. They changed the nozzle, checked and changed the oil, and tightened up the furnace. He checked the furnace…(Read More)

I was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with everything that was done.

Name: Michael H

Date: 3/7/14

I’m giving fives for everything. Allied Services diagnosed that I needed a motor. I was already pretty sure I had some problem with my motor because I couldn’t get the thing to go over 71, and it was really cold out. I couldn’t get the furnace to come on. I checked…(Read More)

Excellent customer service & service!!

Name: Pat B

Date: 3/7/14

This Job was done at my convenience & on time. Allied really came through for me when I needed it & with the best price too, I’m a happy customer!!!!!!…(Read More)