As temperatures begin to go up, your air conditioner starts shaking off the dust to keep you cool and comfortable through the coming months. But what if the unit is running and you’re only getting hotter? There is likely an issue at play. Here are some tips from the team at Allied Services, Inc. to help you narrow down the problem so that you can get a proper repair.

Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant in your unit is circulated through a closed system and so generally the levels will not change. It is possible, however, for your line to have a leak. A drop in refrigerant levels means reduced cooling. If you notice ice buildup or can hear a leak, turn the unit off and contact a professional for air conditioner repairs right away.

Mechanical Issue

Hopefully, you have a great HVAC service plan to help prevent mechanical issues, but they can still occur. For example, your fan motor or compressor can malfunction and cause your system to stop cooling. Or, in some cases, it could just be time for a new unit altogether.

Frozen Coil

You’re the type of person who stays on top of keeping your HVAC air filter clean, right? Well, sometimes life happens and you can forget. Reducing airflow in your system can cause the refrigerant to freeze up your evaporator coil. Frozen coils can also be due to a blocked drainage pipe or an issue with the fan. Again, if you see any ice forming anywhere on your system, contact a professional.

Whether you need an A/C repair, HVAC service plan, or new air conditioner installation, Allied Serives, Inc. is here to help. Since 1955, we have happily served the communities of Dayton, Oakwood, Springboro, Tipp City, and beyond. Contact us today at (937) 269-5059 and ask about our special offers.