Furnace Safety Tips for Kids

November 1, 2022 | Dayton

Furnace safety is always an important issue to address in your home, but it becomes even more important when you have young children in the house. We all know that kids can get into absolutely anything when you’re not looking, so it is helpful to consider any and all safety hazards before they do. At Allied Services, Inc., we care about the safety of our customers both big and small, so today we’re discussing furnace safety for kids.

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When Should You Turn on the Furnace?

October 15, 2022 | Dayton

Summer always seems to come to an abrupt end in Ohio, leaving homeowners wondering when they should turn on their furnace system. The real answer is that it depends. The World Health Organization recommends not letting the home drop below 64.4 degrees on average or 69.8 degrees if kids or someone elderly live in the home. Of course, personal preference plays a factor, and you may like keeping your home a little warmer than your neighbor. When you are ready to turn on the furnace, use these tips from Allied Service, Inc. to ensure everything is in working order.

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How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

September 15, 2022 | Air Conditioning

Summer is coming to a close and fall is upon us. Pretty soon, we’ll be turning off the A/C units and eyeing the furnace. Before firing up your furnace, it’s a good idea to prepare the system. It’s better to check the system now rather than to discover an issue when you need to use it. Here are just a few things to check from the team at Allied Services, Inc.

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Common Air Conditioning Issues in 2022

August 15, 2022 | AC Repair

As long as it is functioning properly, air conditioning is a summer dream. However, issues with air conditioners inevitably arise from time to time and it’s best to be prepared. Learn more about common air conditioning issues from the team at Allied Services, Inc.

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How to Cool Your Home and Reduce AC Use

August 1, 2022 | Air Conditioning

Is your air conditioner struggling to keep up with the rising temperatures? Are you having trouble keeping the house cool? That’s the last thing you want in the middle of summer. Use these tips from the team at Allied Services, Inc. to help keep your home cool and make things easier on your AC unit.

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