Summer always seems to come to an abrupt end in Ohio, leaving homeowners wondering when they should turn on their furnace system. The real answer is that it depends. The World Health Organization recommends not letting the home drop below 64.4 degrees on average or 69.8 degrees if kids or someone elderly live in the home. Of course, personal preference plays a factor, and you may like keeping your home a little warmer than your neighbor. When you are ready to turn on the furnace, use these tips from Allied Service, Inc. to ensure everything is in working order.

When Should You Turn on the Furnace?

Test the System Early

Turn on your furnace for a few minutes, even if you don’t intend to leave it running all day, to check and make sure everything is in working order. On the first extremely cold day of the season, HVAC companies typically receive a large number of requests for furnace repairs. To beat the rush, make sure your furnace is ready to go before the chilly weather hits.

Schedule a Furnace Maintenance Visit

Even if it seems to be in working order, it’s crucial to tune up your furnace once a year to ensure effective operation and help avoid failure in the middle of the season. To avoid the rush of people needing to have their furnaces tuned up right before a winter storm, schedule your furnace service as soon as you can. At this point, the technician can also make any repairs that are required.

Take Steps to Insulate

Ensure that the insulation in your home is adequate to postpone turning on the furnace. The attic is the perfect spot for a boost since it allows heat to rise and leave your house. You can make your home warmer and spend less on heating this winter by making sure the attic floor has several inches of insulation as well as insulation surrounding any exposed ductwork.

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