As the temperatures continue to drop, Christmas carols fill the airwaves and decorations start to pop up all over: it’s obvious that the holiday season is officially upon us. If you’re like millions of other Midwesterners, this season isn’t simply a time for gift giving and vacation time, it’s a time for travel! Whether you are going south to warmer climates, overseas for a much needed vacation, or traveling to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, one truth is consistent: your HVAC, and by extension, your home, can suffer if you aren’t strategic with your HVAC care before a long trip. Scheduling a tune-up with your friends at Allied Services, Inc. before a long trip can save you significant money in the long run and is always a good idea. At a minimum, consider these three tips to make sure you don’t come home to a unit that isn’t functioning when you need it the most.

HVAC Preparation Before Holiday Travel

1. Turn Down Your Unit

Contrary to popular belief, turning your unit off completely when you leave for extended periods of time usually isn’t a good idea. HVAC units are designed for continuous usage and parts can deteriorate if unused for longer periods of time. Turn your unit down, not off.

2. A Clean Home Makes for a Clean Unit

Before leaving for an extended trip, be sure to give your house a thorough cleaning. Dust and other contaminants can negatively affect your unit, so giving your house a good cleaning before you leave can alleviate these issues.

3. Open Your Vents

HVAC units are designed to operate with maximum airflow. Before you leave for vacation, make sure your vents are opened. Your unit will thank you!

Holidays are always an exciting time for friends, family, time away from work, and travel! If you are in the Dayton, OH area, contact the experts at Allied Services at (937) 269-5059 to schedule your tune-up to ensure that you come home to the high-performing HVAC unit that you left!