Cold weather has arrived in the Midwest, and residents of Dayton, OH, are starting to feel some of the discomfort that comes with freezing temperatures. The time has come to turn on your furnace for the season, but is it ready to keep you warm? To be sure your system is working effectively and to avoid a system breakdown, follow these tips from your friends at Allied Services, Inc.

Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

Take Advantage of Preventative Maintenance

Many homeowners wait until a problem arises before ever calling a heating and cooling expert. However, to get the most out of your furnace and help prevent major repairs, it’s important to complete proper maintenance. With Allied Total Care, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance will ensure your unit operates safely, effectively, and efficiently all winter long. Don’t take the chance of your furnace, heat pump, or geothermal unit breaking down during winter when the temperature plummets below zero.

Get Your Ductwork Cleaned

Winter is the perfect time to get your air ducts cleaned as you will likely be spending the majority of your time indoors. Over time, dust and debris that are drawn into your furnace or heat pump system will overcome a standard household filter and begin to accumulate in the mechanical systems and ductwork. This not only makes the system less efficient, it also pollutes the air you’re breathing every day! Investing in air duct cleaning allows you to pay less in the long run and breathe cleaner air! We believe that it especially helps the young, the chronically ill, the elderly, and anyone suffering from a respiratory or cardiovascular disease because these groups of people are most susceptible to air pollutants.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a fantastic way to stay comfortable and save energy in the long run. Program the furnace to go down to a lower temperature while you’re not at home or asleep, and to go back up before you get home or wake up. This simple programming adjustment can save you quite a bit of money every year, and will help keep your home more evenly heated this winter. This type of thermostat works with any existing heating system, and they are affordably priced, too.

Taking these steps now will help your home stay warm all winter long. Allied Services had been serving the communities of Dayton, Springboro, Beavercreek, Troy, and beyond since 1955. We provide comprehensive HVAC maintenance and installation, including geothermal units and whole-house generators. To learn more about the benefits of choosing Allied, contact us at (937) 269-5059.