Home Generators

We’ll never be able to predict a surprise power outage, but we can help you prepare. Allied Services, Inc. in Dayton provides nearly all sizes of backup generators for homes and small businesses in the area.

Home Generators in Dayton OH Protect Your Family with a Home Generator in Dayton

Every family has unique needs, and our experts will guide you to the perfect propane or natural gas home generator. Ready to learn more about us? Read our customer reviews, and then schedule an appointment by calling us at (937) 836-5191.


Light the Night with a Whole-House Generator

We’ve all experienced the stress that comes with an unexpected loss of power: What happened? Is everyone OK? Has anyone seen the flashlights? Never fear! Your home generator will be set up to automatically engage when the power goes out, so you can avoid the momentary panic. We offer a home generator for every budget, and our staff will work with you to find the perfect unit with the appropriate wattage.

A small unit is perfect for restoring power to only specific areas of a home, like a kitchen or medically-necessary room. A whole-house generator, meanwhile, can produce enough electricity keep everything running, including a heating or air conditioning unit.

Ongoing Maintenance

Because home generators typically aren’t used very often, it is important to keep them maintained for when they are actually needed. Regardless of where you purchased your generator, our experts are qualified and ready to keep your backup unit up-to-date on necessary service and repairs. We make it easy to schedule ongoing HVAC services with our annual maintenance plans.

Commercial Generators

Allied Services, Inc. also provides backup generators for small- to medium-sized businesses in the Dayton area. Your business is a vital financial asset, so it so be treated as such. Power outages are a disruption to the work flow and productivity at the business, so it is important to have a backup in these situations. Ask the technicians at Allied Services how they can help choose the right generator to power your business.

Be Prepared When the Power Goes Out

Save the flashlights for serious emergencies – contact Allied Services, Inc. at (937) 836-5191 to learn more about purchasing and installing backup home generators or a whole-house generator to keep your family comfortable when the electricity goes out. Since 1955, we have provided trusted heating, air conditioning, geothermal, and HVAC services to homeowners in Dayton, Tipp City, Troy, and surrounding Ohio areas.