Having heat or electricity are features of your home that you appreciate but don’t think about constantly. Sure, you adjust the thermostat here or there to account for the varying winter temperatures, but otherwise, you don’t think too much about your home’s systems—that is, until that first winter storm hits, and you lose heat and power. Every so often here in Ohio we get a winter storm that takes out electricity, and our team at Allied Services, Inc. wants to help you plan ahead. Winter Weather Tips

1. Gather your winter gear.

Don’t wait until snow is already falling to make sure you have all your snow gear: shovels, boots, ice melt, and so on. We recommend that you keep your snow removal and winter weather attire in an easily accessible place at the beginning of the winter season. That way, when a winter storm hits, you already know where all your essentials are.

2. Keep your pantry stocked.

No need to go crazy here. We’re not talking end of the world here. Our team just recommends that you keep some essentials stocked in your pantry in case a winter storm hits and keeps you from getting out of the house for several days.

3. Get your seasonal heater maintenance.

Your HVAC is going to be better equipped to keep up with the cold temperatures, bitter winds, or ice if it’s in good shape. Give your home and your heater the best possible chance by staying up-to-date on furnace maintenance.

4. Create an emergency kit.

The last thing you want to do if you lose power or get snowed in is have to search high and low for all your emergency supplies. We recommend that you create a kit with things that might come in handy during a storm: flashlights, extra batteries, candles, water bottles, a blanket or two, nonperishable snacks, and even a few first aid supplies, just in case anyone gets injured or sick. You can adjust this list based on your individual needs or preferences.

5. Invest in a home generator.

Rushing around to find batteries or worrying about all the food in your refrigerator spoiling becomes a moot point when you have a home generator. If your home loses its main source of power, a generator will kick on, allowing you to keep electricity and your HVAC running. A generator becomes even more essential when you have medical equipment or supplies that need to continue to function. To get an estimate on furnace service or a home generator from our team at Allied Services of Dayton, OH, contact us at (937) 269-5059. We’d be glad to talk to you about any of our services and help you stay safe during bad winter weather.