One thing our Allied Services, Inc. staff loves about Ohio is the changing seasons. However, each season has its own share of unpredictable weather. The wind and ice of winter and the spring storms can often result in the loss of home power. No matter the season, no one likes to be without electricity. Your heating, kitchen appliances, and technology all depend on it. generator That’s why many Dayton homeowners are deciding to purchase a home generator, and here’s why.

1. You’ll have a plan for the unexpected.

Storms or power outages never happen when you think they will. However, when you own a generator, you already have a backup plan in place. No need to go searching for the flashlights or candles.

2. It will ease anxiety during inclement weather.

Many homeowners—especially those living in rural areas—get nervous during spring storms when the power goes out because they lose ability to track storms or stay up with the news. However, with a generator, you can stay tuned to local weather and know whether you need to take shelter.

3. You won’t lose heating or cooling.

If you’ve ever lost power during the hottest or coldest day of the year, you know how miserable you can get in a hurry. To avoid such HVAC emergencies, get a whole-house generator to keep things powered at all times. Don’t let the seasonal risks of bad weather make you anxious. Reduce stress with a generator from Allied Services of Ohio. We are a home heating and cooling expert that also specializes in home generators and geothermal technology. We have small generators designed for specific rooms of the home (like the kitchen) or whole-home units. To get a quote on a generator or other HVAC service, contact Allied Services today at (937) 269-5059. photo credit: Haunted Mansion via photopin (license)