install-air-conditionerSince it’s only June, the worst of the summer weather has yet to occur in Dayton. On those hot summer days in July and August, you may think that cranking up the AC is the only solution to beat the heat. At Allied Services, Inc., we offer our money-saving tips for keeping your home cool. During the summer, we know that air conditioning units are very important for circulating the air inside your home—that’s why we offer affordable rates on our AC repairs. When your AC breaks down, you won’t have to break the bank in order to have it repaired. Here are other ways you can cut the expenses for maintaining a cool home:
  • Replace Your Air Conditioner: If your utility bill skyrockets during the summer, maybe your current air conditioner is the cause of the problem. Energy-efficient AC units, such as the Energy Star models, use 15% less energy than other new models and up to 30% less than models that are 10 years or older. Fortunately, our technicians can install a new model in your Dayton home.
  • Clean the Filter: The filter in your AC accumulates dirt throughout time, so you should clean or replace the filter every month. Instead of buying new filters each month, you can save money by purchasing a permanent filter that you simply rinse off on a regular basis.
  • Smaller is Better: A bulky air conditioner is not only less effective than smaller models, but it’s also more expensive! Oversized models cool the house down too quickly and turn off before they’ve reached their most efficient cooling level. A properly sized model uses less energy, thereby downsizing your utility bill.
At Allied Services, Inc., we provide air conditioning services at a fraction of the cost of other Dayton companies. To learn more about our HVAC repairs, contact us today at (937) 269-5059.