As the weather in Dayton, OH, gets colder, we turn our heating equipment up to fight the cold. However, we need to ensure that we’re getting warm the safe way. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the leading cause of home fire deaths is heating equipment. Additionally, many of these fires are reported during the coldest winter months—December, January, and February. Below are some tips to help you stay warm and safe when the winter winds blow. Fireplaces and Wood-Burning Stoves If you’re using a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, read the following tips:
  • Don’t use lighter fluid or gasoline to start the fire; they are highly combustible and could cause an explosion.
  • Never use charcoal indoors because it gives off toxic fumes.
  • Keep the damper open to help ventilate the room.
  • Be sure to have the chimney cleaned periodically to prevent soot buildup. This buildup can cause your chimney to catch on fire.
  • Use a fireplace screen to prevent the sparks from flying out of the fire.
Furnaces Caring properly for your furnace keeps it working efficiently and safely. Most HVAC companies recommend getting your furnace serviced by a heating or furnace repair specialist annually. You also need to make sure that the area around the furnace is clean and free of any chemicals. Electric Space Heaters While space heaters are an economical way to get warm, they can also be hazardous if you’re not diligent. Follow these guidelines for maximum safety:
  • Leave a three-foot clearance around the space heater. Make sure that curtains, blankets, and furniture are out of the way.
  • Make sure children and pets cannot touch the space heater; they could accidentally knock it over and create a fire risk.
  • Remember to never use a space heater in the bathroom.
  • Buy space heaters that are approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL).
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