ac-ohioThe best time to think about your air conditioning system is before you actually need to use it. Finding a need for repairs in the middle of summer that could’ve been fixed a few months prior isn’t fun for anyone involved – especially the people who have to live without their AC in July! Think ahead so that you can be prepared for the heat this year in Dayton, Ohio. According to ENERGY STAR®, the following items should be checked by a contractor when planning ahead for the summer weather:
  • Furnace System Controls: This ensures that you’re comfortable when home and saving energy when you’re not
  • Electrical Connections/Lubricated Moving Parts: If the system is operating improperly because of either of these, you will be using far more energy than necessary
  • Condensate Drain: If this is clogged, it can affect the humidity in your home
  • Air Conditioner Refrigerant Level: This can affect system efficiency, which will increase energy costs
  • Blower Components: ENERGY STAR® states that airflow issues can reduce system efficiencies by up to 15 percent
  • Air Filters: These need to be changed on a regular basis to keep the system running efficiently
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