Is your HVAC system making a lot of noise? New noises that it has never made before or just seems louder than usual? This might be a simple fix or it might point to a more serious issue that requires the help of a professional. Here are some common reasons your HVAC unit is making noise from the team at Allied Services, Inc.

Is Your HVAC System Making Noise? | HVAC Maintenance

Blocked Airways

One of the more simple reasons your unit is making noise is a blocked airway. You could have a dirty air filter, grass or mud blocking the vents, dusty air ducts, or even an animal nest. Be sure to regularly change your air filter, check your unit for blocked vents, and have your air ducts cleaned to prevent any buildup.

Out of Balance

Another reason that your HVAC system is making noise is that it is out of balance. This can put stress on the components creating a lot of noise. It’s best to call in a professional for help, but it is possible to fix this yourself with a balancing kit.

Bad Placement

Something you may not have considered about your HVAC system is the placement itself. Especially if you’ve just purchased a new home. If the unit is located directly under or close to a window, especially one outside of a high traffic room, you’ll be able to hear much of the time, even if there is no problem with the unit itself. If this is the case for you, have a technician relocate your unit to a more appropriate position.

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