Is your air conditioner struggling to keep up with the rising temperatures? Are you having trouble keeping the house cool? That’s the last thing you want in the middle of summer. Use these tips from the team at Allied Services, Inc. to help keep your home cool and make things easier on your AC unit.

How to Cool Your Home and Reduce AC Use

Use Your Fan

In the summer, fans can be your best friends. Turn on ceiling fans, standing fans, or even portable table-top fans to provide airflow throughout your home. You’ll feel cooler if you can get more air to circulate through your home.

Keep Blinds Closed

A significant source of heat is sunlight. Beat the heat by closing your blinds to keep any excessive sunlight from streaming into your home. Even though it might seem like a little step, blocking a heat source like sunlight can significantly speed up the cooling process in your home. Think about investing in heat- and light-reflecting curtains for your windows.

Lessen Oven Use

In any season, using the oven will immediately warm up your home. If you must use the oven during the day, do not use it for an extended period of time as this will quickly cause your home to become hotter. Don’t give your HVAC unit a heat-producing object to battle against; instead, help it do its job.

Wear Lighter Clothes

Although the summer heat is uncontrollable, you can lessen the discomfort by dressing in light, airy clothing. Instead of wearing tight clothes that make your skin feel constrained, think about choosing loose cotton clothing. Do not wear pants or other heavy apparel.

Service HVAC Unit

There are times when your HVAC system needs repair, which may explain why you can’t manage to get your house to cool down. As the seasons change, debris may accumulate around the unit, making it operate inefficiently. Our professionals have years of experience and can perform routine maintenance on your unit to keep you comfortable throughout the summer.

In addition to AC maintenance, Allied Services, Inc. also provides heating services and HVAC service plans to Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at (937) 269-5059 to get started.