Stocking up on apple cider, taking the kids back to school shopping, and digging out those comfortable hoodies—we all have our own routines that officially welcome the beginning of fall. Just as we prepare ourselves for the new season, it’s important to remember to prepare our homes, too. Amidst readying the rakes for this year’s bounty of leafs and caulking the windows closed to prevent any cold drafts, it’s the perfect time to check your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, as well. Follow these simple steps to make sure your HVAC system is ready to perform as soon as temperatures begin to drop:
  1. Make any necessary air conditioning repairs. Since you just turned it off after a summer of constant use, we understand why the AC may be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s best to make any needed air conditioner repairs while they’re fresh on your mind. You don’t want to be caught off guard when you turn it on during the first hot day of spring or summer and wonder, “What’s happened here?”
  2. Plan ahead and test your heating system. Of course, leave your windows open and let the airy fall breeze sweep through your home, but also check to make sure that your heat pump works before the true cold sets in. If you use a furnace, do a test run while it’s still warm so you won’t have the stress of a furnace repair emergency in the bitter cold.
  3. Don’t forget the vents! Since your vents and ducts move air throughout every nook and cranny of your homes, make sure they’re bringing in quality, clean air. Dust, dirt, and even dead bugs can congregate in your ventilation system, so it’s important to bring in a professional cleaning company every few years to purge the gunk—especially if you’re allergy-prone. Additionally, you should inspect all inlet, outlet and other exhaust vents that are vented outside to be sure they’re clear of bees’ nests and other intrusive critters.
If you’re experiencing any air conditioning or heating problems, or if you’d like a thorough duct cleaning, contact Allied Services, Inc. by calling (937) 269-5059. We’ve been serving Dayton, OH, and the surrounding Ohio areas with our quality heating and cooling systems for over 57 years. Whether you have a heating hardship or a cooling crisis on your hands, you can always count on our courteous and knowledgeable experts to get the job done and make your home comfortable.