In the winter, many residents struggle with the tension of wanting to have a warm and cozy home, while—at the same time—wanting to lower their gas or electric bill. These two goals seem mutually exclusive, but you actually can accomplish both ends. If you want to reduce your bill without sacrificing warmth, start by maximizing your heating efficiency. The following steps will help you stay comfortable and realize savings:
  1. Lower when you leave: Why warm an empty house? Turning the thermostat down a few degrees when you leave the house is a small, simple way to save money. To make it even easier, buy a programmable thermostat that you can set to automatically raise or lower the temperature at certain times.
  2. Discover any drafts: Nothings steals warmth faster than a cold draft. To see if you have drafts, walk through your house on a windy day and feel the doors, windows, outdoor walls, and fireplace. Do you feel a breeze? You can also check by placing a smoke pencil or incense near the questionable spot and seeing how far the smoke travels. The further the smoke travels, the draftier your home is. You can remedy unwanted breezes by insulating or caulking your windows, buying (or making) door sweeps, and plugging outlets.
  3. Fix the furnace: Whether you have a heat pump or a furnace, make sure to regularly maintain your heating system. Proper service will ensure efficiency and help catch any problems before they produce an expensive bill.
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