Furnace safety is always an important issue to address in your home, but it becomes even more important when you have young children in the house. We all know that kids can get into absolutely anything when you’re not looking, so it is helpful to consider any and all safety hazards before they do. At Allied Services, Inc., we care about the safety of our customers both big and small, so today we’re discussing furnace safety for kids.

Furnace Safety Tips for Kids

Secure the Vents

Children find furnace floor vents interesting and fun to explore. To little, inquisitive fingers, the vent slots can be very dangerous as they can easily get their fingers stuck or cut. Also, to be certain your kids aren’t able to lift the vent covers off and expose the ducts, make sure they are safely secured with screws.

Secure the Thermostat

Even if your thermostat is located high up on the wall, your children may still be able to reach it by climbing up on other things. A curious child could easily change the indoor temperature to too hot or too cold and make your home very uncomfortable rather quickly. We recommend talking with your children about this issue and explaining why they must not touch the thermostat. If they are too young or unable to follow this boundary, there are lockable cases you can purchase to cover the thermostat and keep it secure.

Secure the Furnace

Typically, indoor furnaces are located in a dedicated closet or room. Unless you have locks on these doors, your children could potentially be exposed to the furnace and burners, blower fan, electric motor, central A/C coil, and condensate drain pan. Any or all of those components might be harmful to a child. Again, we recommend either setting clear boundaries with your children about not touching these components or installing locks on the closet or furnace room door.

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