While it may seem like fall is just around the corner in Ohio, the heat is still on, and temperatures continue to rise into the 90s during these late summer days. At Allied Services, Inc., we understand the importance of staying comfortable during a sweltering day, so we’re here to share five essential tips to help you beat the heat with the help of your HVAC system.

Surviving the Late Summer Heat

1. Keep Your HVAC System Maintained

Just like your car needs regular check-ups, your HVAC system requires maintenance, too. Schedule a maintenance appointment with our skilled technicians to ensure your system is running at its peak efficiency. Clean filters, well-lubricated parts, and calibrated thermostats can significantly enhance your system’s performance.

2. Find a Comfortable Temperature

While it’s tempting to set your thermostat at an extremely low temperature to combat the heat, this can strain your air conditioning system and lead to higher energy bills. Aim instead for a comfortable temperature that’s not too extreme. Consider using a programmable thermostat to adjust temperatures automatically during different times of the day.

3. Check Your Insulation

Proper insulation and sealing can do wonders in keeping your home cool. Inspect windows and doors for gaps that might be letting hot air in. Well-insulated spaces will also help maintain a consistent indoor temperature without overworking your HVAC system.

4. Use Shade to Your Advantage

Direct sunlight can significantly heat up your indoor spaces. During the hottest parts of the day, keep blinds and curtains closed to block out the sun’s rays and prevent your home from becoming a sauna. You can also use strategic landscaping to provide natural shade and reduce the amount of heat that reaches your home. Consider planting trees or installing shading structures to block the sun and keep your home cooler.

5. Listen to Your System

Finally, if you notice your HVAC system struggling to keep up with the demand or experience any unusual sounds or smells, it’s time to call in the professionals. Ignoring these signs can lead to more significant problems down the road.

Late summer heat doesn’t have to turn your home into a sauna. Follow these tips and call on your friends at Allied Services Inc. We’ll get through this heat together! Contact us today at (937) 269-5059.