We’ve settled into September, and before you know it, winter will hit Dayton, OH. Before that arctic blast rushes in, your home’s heating system may need some attention. Allied Services, Inc. recommends that your fall home to-do list include the following HVAC items. Following this list from our Dayton HVAC professionals will get your home in winter shape quickly.

Get a routine furnace or heating system inspection.

It’s best to get your furnace checked before the weather gets too cold, because if it shuts down during zero-degree temperatures, you’re looking at not only a chilly home, but also potentially frozen pipes and resulting leaks. Lifehack.org encourages homeowners to “hire an HVAC professional to test for leaks, check heating efficiency, and change the filter. They can also do a carbon monoxide check to ensure air safety.” Check out the Furnace Repair page on the Allied Services, Inc. website for a complete listing of what’s included in a fall maintenance inspection.

Check your home for drafts.

If you find areas around door or windows that are letting in cold air, you may want to apply weatherstripping or caulk the area. For additional protection, you can check your local home improvement store for tools and tricks to make your windows and doors more winter-weather ready.

Install a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat keeps your home’s heating consistent. Without the need for constant adjustments from you, your HVAC will usually run more efficiently and effectively (therefore costing you less $$). If you’re up to the challenge, you can pick up a programmable thermostat from home improvement stores or order one online. You can also hire an HVAC professional.

Ask your local electric company what the suggested thermostat setting is for the winter months.

Because each climate varies, the ideal temperature may not be universal. Dayton residents can contact the electric company to get a suggestion on regional norms. If you need help with any of these tasks, call Dayton’s Allied Services, Inc. at (937) 269-5059. Our HVAC experts can either answer your questions over the phone or set you up with a service appointment.