Things are starting to heat up here in Dayton, OH! While sunny days may send you running for the closest swimming pool, you may be trying to think of other ways to stay cool indoors without paying for it. Here are a few budget-friendly AC tips we at Allied Services, Inc. of Dayton, OH want to pass along.

1. Schedule an HVAC tune-up.

If you haven’t had an HVAC professional check out your system lately, you may want to schedule that appointment soon. Preventative maintenance can help ward off costly repairs and make sure your air conditioning is running at optimal efficiency.

2. Take advantage of cool mornings or evenings.

When the sun isn’t blazing on high, you may be able to turn off your AC and take advantage of cooler outdoor temperatures and a nice breeze.

3. Make sure your AC unit is the right size.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to cooling your home. You want to make sure you have the right sized air conditioner for your space. Otherwise, your AC unit will not work at peak efficiency, thus costing you more money.

4. Use your ceiling fans. notes that using an indoor fan in addition to a window AC unit can help spread the cool air throughout the room or your home. Fans can help you maintain a consistent temperature.

5. Minimize the difference between outdoor and indoor temps.

The smaller the gap between the outdoor temperature and your thermostat’s setting, the less your AC has to work. Therefore, set your thermostat at the highest possible temperature at which you can remain comfortable. (Note: If you have to put on a sweatshirt or snuggle under blankets while watching TV, your thermostat may be set too low. You may love the cool, but you’re going to pay for it in the end.) Do you want additional cooling tips? Need to schedule AC repair? Contact Allied Services, Inc. of Dayton, OH at (937) 269-5059. We can answer your air conditioner questions and help make the most of the hot summer months in Ohio.