It has been a long winter, but the snow is finally behind us, and there is warmer weather on the horizon. Pack up the flannel sheets and heavy blankets, and say hello to open windows and longer days. This seasonal shift brings new heating and cooling challenges as well as opportunities to be more energy efficient in your home. Increasing your energy efficiency will save you money and help the environment, and in the Dayton, Ohio region, there is no better expert in the heating and cooling business to assist you in your HVAC needs than Allied Services, Inc. Here are a few tips to increase your energy efficiency this spring.

Spring Sunshine

1. Service your air conditioner.

Early spring is a great time to have your AC serviced by the knowledgeable professionals at Allied Services, Inc. Routinely replacing or cleaning your air filters is an easy project that can lower your cooling system’s energy consumption by up to 15%. Also, the experts at The Department of Energy remind us that each spring it is important to check your air conditioner’s evaporator coil and clean it to ensure the system is performing at optimal levels.

2. Install window treatments.

Blinds, shades, and films are energy-efficient window treatments, and adding them to your home can help keep the heat out when the temperature outside rises.

3. Caulk air leaks.

It might not sound like the most fun way to spend a Saturday morning, but purchasing some low-cost caulk and sealing up those pesky air leaks helps keep warm air out and cool air in, thus lowering your cooling bill and making the extra effort well worth it.

4. Use a programmable thermostat.

Why spend big bucks to run the AC when you’re not even home to enjoy the cool air? These days, most thermostats are programmable and can be set to turn off or to low when you are out of the house. There are even high tech products out now that learn your heating and cooling habits and will automatically adjust based on the time of day and when you leave the house.

5. Let in the sun.

The best part about spring is our dear friend the sun. Let the sun in to light your rooms, and turn off overhead lights. Better yet, turn off all of the lights, set the AC to low, and get outdoors. Enjoy the sun and fresh air, and relax knowing you are saving money with an energy-efficient house. For more energy-saving tips and for any of your HVAC needs in the Dayton, Troy, or Tipp City, Ohio areas, contact Allied Services today at (937) 269-5059.   Sources: