Now that spring has begun in Ohio, the time has finally come for outdoor activities, family bike rides, and preparation for summer. Unfortunately, with all the benefits the changing season has to offer, it also brings with it the increased possibility of problems with your AC unit. There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning AC unit when the weather starts to really heat up. Luckily for you, now is the perfect time to consider an AC replacement or tune-up. If you are in one of the following situations, it might be time for a call to Allied Services, Inc.

Air Conditioner Upgrade

1. Your Cooling Bill Is Too High

High cooling bills are a pretty common occurrence for homeowners in Ohio. They learn to work around it by running their AC less frequently, or only turning it on when temperatures are scorching. However, if you choose a responsible team like Allied Services, you won’t have to worry about this issue. We’ll work hard to make sure that your air conditioning unit is always in top shape.

2. Your AC Unit Leaks

One of the biggest warning signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner is any type of leak coming from the outdoor unit of your cooling system. Such a leak indicates that some component of your unit has malfunctioned along the way, resulting in a leak in your system. In this situation, one big misstep that homeowners make is trying to DIY their air conditioning repair services. Don’t try to “top off” your refrigerant levels or tinker with any components or wires—you can either hurt yourself or your cooling system. The best thing to do is contact a professional.

3. You Have Constant Repairs

If you are calling a technician to work on your system more than once every few years, your unit is needing too many repairs. This means you’re pouring money into a system that is already past its prime. It’s a better idea to upgrade your air conditioner. You will get an energy-efficient system without any of the fuss.

Call the Experts

It’s time to be proactive with your air conditioner’s health. As we continue to inch closer to summertime, a quick way to ruin the fun and excitement of the spring and summer months is an air conditioner that isn’t functioning properly. If you’re in the Dayton, OH, area, contact your friends at Allied Services today at (937) 269-5059 to schedule your unit replacement or check-up!