Your HVAC system is arguably the most important appliance in your home. After all, it keeps you warm during the freezing winter months and cool when it is unbearably hot outside. What’s more important than that? In addition to keeping you comfortable all year round, it can protect you from potentially harmful dusts and allergens, if maintained properly. There are a number of reasons you should place a priority on HVAC maintenance, but here are the top 3 reasons you should call your friends at Allied Services, Inc. today to schedule your annual checkup.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

1. Easy Fixes 

An annual checkup will often help identify common problems that can easily be fixed. Left unchecked, however, common problems often turn into major ones. Examples of minor issues that can be diagnosed with a checkup include old air filters, blower bearings in need of lubrication, or loosened ductwork.

2. Difficult Fixes

In addition to helping you identify common issues, an annual checkup will help identify problems that are less common and usually come with a hefty price tag if left undiagnosed. Even the most capable DIYer would be hard-pressed to identify these issues without the help of a qualified professional. Examples of less common issues include improperly firing burners, blocked condensate drain, and loose wiring harnesses.

3. Money Talks

Without question, frequent maintenance checkups on your HVAC system will lead to significant savings over the life of your unit. Frequent checkups have proven to result in a longer lifespan of the HVAC unit, fewer repairs, improved efficiency resulting in lower electric bills, and improved airflow and circulation.

Taking care of your unit can save you thousands of dollars and numerous headaches over the life of your unit. If you’re in the Dayton, OH area, call the professionals at Allied Services, Inc. at (937) 269-5059 to ensure that your unit runs at peak performance and that potential problems are uncovered before major issues occur.