For the average homeowner in Dayton, OH, the HVAC system is a bit of a mystery. You obviously want it to keep doing it’s job, but you aren’t completely sure what you should be doing to help it along. The fact is, there are a lot of opinions regarding HVAC services and it’s hard to keep track what is truth and what is myth. At Allied Services, Inc., we are here to help. Today we are busting 3 common myths about HVAC systems so you can be armed with the truth!

Myths About HVAC Systems

1. Your Filter Only Needs Changed Once a Year

Unfortunately, many homeowners believe that they are doing well by changing their HVAC filter once a year. However, not only is this a myth, it’s a big mistake. Your system’s filter actually needs changing every 30 days! Additionally, if you have pets, there is likely a lot of dander and fur in your home so you should consider changing your filter even more often. This will keep your system running efficiently.

2. Your System Only Needs Maintenance If It’s Broken

Just like you need regular check-ups to prevent sickness, your HVAC unit needs regular checks and maintenance to prevent larger problems. By having it checked and maintained by a professional, you’ll save costly headaches down the road. Check out our service plans page to find a low-cost maintenance plan that works for you.

3. You Can Seal Air Leaks with Duct Tape

The last myth is pretty ironic as you’d think you could use duct tape on ducts, but actually it doesn’t work very well. It tends to peel and doesn’t stick very well for very long. Instead of trying any DYI air duct fixes, leave it to the pros. We have the correct products and expertise to get the job done.

Let Allied Services take the guesswork out of HVAC maintenance. We provide regular maintenance plans and other HVAC services that include the installation and repair of heating systems and cooling systems. Contact us today at (937) 269-5059 to schedule an appointment.