With record-breaking low temperatures across the Midwest this winter, every homeowner is looking for ways to ensure their home stays as warm and cozy as possible without completely breaking the bank. While it can be tempting to continue to crank up your thermostat during these long, cold months, it’s typically a better idea to come up with a few other ways to keep your home cozy. At Allied Services, Inc. we’re here to help with these three affordable ways to heat your home this winter.

Affordable Ways to Heat Your Home

1. Use Your Fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home, it can be put to great use during the winter months to heat your home. Wood-burning fireplaces are usually quite simple to manage with just regular maintenance of the chimney and flues. And while it’s true that a fireplace won’t heat your whole home, it can be very effective in heating one room so your family can enjoy cozy temperatures while spending time together.

2. Invest in Space Heaters

Another effective way of bringing heat into your home is with the use of space heaters. Like fireplaces, they are great for heating smaller areas of your house without having to rely solely on the furnace. This allows you to affordable heat the one or two rooms you spend the most time in during the day at a relatively low cost.

3. Use your Heat Pump

Finally, perhaps the most effective and reliable heating solution is the use of a heat pump. You may use a heat pump all year round to heat and cool your house. Pulling air from the outside, heating it, and then forcing it into your ducting, it is typically utilized as a backup heating system to your existing furnace. These systems function significantly differently than a furnace alone, which increases efficiency and lowers overall energy use.

Stay warm this winter by utilizing these three options and by contacting Allied Services Inc. with any furnace issues that may crop up. We serve the communities of Dayton, Centerville, Beavercreek, Troy, and beyond. We even offer service plans to ensure your system continues to run as it should. Contact us today at (937) 269-5059 to request an estimate.