As temperatures drop, our focus shifts to keeping our homes warm and comfortable. The two main methods you can use for achieving this goal are heat pumps and furnaces. Each one comes with advantages and disadvantages based on personal needs and climate. Continue reading to learn more about the differences from the experts at Allied Services, Inc.

What is the Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace?

Heat Pump

Heat pumps don’t need fuel sources or produce heat as furnaces do. Instead, they use electricity and refrigerant to draw heat from the outside air and distribute it inside the house. Additionally, a heat pump can operate in reverse in the summer to draw warm air out of your house and replace it with cooler air. A heat pump can have an efficiency of up to 300 percent since it uses electricity to transport heat. When running at its max, a heat pump can move three units of heat with just one unit of electrical energy. Since they depend on electricity, heat pumps are also a great option if your house is far from any natural gas lines. The downside, however, is that this process gets less efficient as temperatures drop to freezing and below.


Furnaces are a common appliance for most homeowners. A furnace will produce heat by burning gas or oil before any warm air is blown into your home. There are also electric-powered furnaces. Although furnaces were traditionally thought to be extremely inefficient, modern technological advances have allowed certain models to reach efficiency levels of up to 98 percent, meaning that only 2 percent of the forced air escapes. If you recently installed an air conditioning system and have natural gas connections close to your home, a furnace is an excellent option. Installing a furnace in addition to your air conditioning system may be substantially less expensive than installing a heat pump as a backup heating system.

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