Fall’s cooler temperatures are often a welcome relief to the heat and humidity of summer in Dayton, Ohio. During fall people rediscover the warm sweaters, hot teas, and plush blankets that they packed away. This reprieve gives us the chance to open the windows and enjoy the cool, fall-infused air. It’s also the perfect time to check on our HVAC systems. Did the air conditioner survive the summer unscathed? Will our heating system work properly when the cold winter winds start to gust? Below are a few ways to care for your HVAC system this fall. Change the Filter To ensure optimum performance, ENERGY STAR recommends changing your air filters at least once every three months. You’ll find a filter in your air conditioner and in your furnace or heat pump. If you don’t change the filters, you’re decreasing efficiency and increasing the risk of future breakdowns and repairs. Schedule a tuneup Having your heating and cooling technician do an annual tuneup is also wise. During the tuneup they’ll check the condition of your system, do any furnace or air conditioning repair work that may be needed, and complete many of the maintenance steps that ENERGY STAR advises. HVAC Professionals in Dayton If you’re looking for an affordable heating and cooling provider in Dayton, Allied Services, Inc. is the answer. In business for over 58 years, we specialize in doing tuneups, repair work, and new system installations. Our experienced professionals will come to your home and give you a free estimate or a complimentary second opinion. When you need HVAC help, turn to the experienced workers of heating-air-conditioning-dayton.com. Contact us at (937) 269-5059 to make an appointment for your home today. We look forward to serving you.