Blooming flowers, singing birds, and the beginning of March Madness all attest to the fact that spring is in the air in Dayton, Ohio. Everyone has a different way to prepare for the warmer weather, whether it’s spring cleaning, planting the garden, or swimsuit shopping. However, this entry addresses something important that we often overlook during the seasonal change: HVAC maintenance. Spring HVAC Care After relying on the HVAC system all winter, many people give it a break and open the windows. This “off-season” is the perfect time to do preventative maintenance or corrective care. Let the professionals at Allied Services do the following:
  • Check the heating system. Heat pumps and furnaces worked overtime this winter. Now is the ideal time to take care of a furnace repair. We’ll take a quick look at the system to ensure it’s functioning optimally.
  • Tune up the air conditioning system. Now that we’re officially in spring, it’s just a matter of months (or even weeks) before we get our first 90-degree day. Instead of scheduling an air conditioning repair during the sweltering heat, let us ensure everything is ready to go now.
  • Clean the HVAC system. Over time our vents become littered with airborne pollutants such as dust, mold spores, and even dead bug parts. Our professionals specialize in thorough duct cleaning, a process that removes the contaminants so you can enjoy clean, pure air.
About Allied Services We’re a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Ohio for several decades. Our affordable rates, high-quality work, and attentive customer service have created a legacy of trust in the Dayton community. Call us at (937) 269-5059 or (937) 269-5059 to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you.