When it’s the dead of summer and your air conditioner stops working, you’re going to want a quick and easy fix. We understand the impulse to get it fixed as quickly as possible and get your home cooled down. However, because air conditioning is such a big investment for homeowners, it’s best to make sure you really understand what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost to get it back up and running. At Allied Services, Inc., we always try to answer our clients’ questions and explain every step of the process. If your current technician isn’t doing that, we encourage you to get a second opinion, and here’s why. The Value of a Second Opinion

You still have questions.

Unless you’re an HVAC professional, you probably aren’t an expert when it comes to your air conditioner and the repairs it may require. If the  company that inspected your unit didn’t provide you with a clear explanation of what they found, it can be hard to fully understand your options. It’s also not uncommon to think of more questions after the HVAC technician has already left. Having a second company come out and inspect your unit is a great opportunity to ask any additional questions and make sure the findings are consistent.

They recommend replacing.

Another reason you might want to consider getting a second opinion is if the first company recommends completely replacing your air conditioning unit. While it may be true that your unit needs replaced and cannot be repaired, it’s always wise to make sure before spending that much money. This is especially true if your AC unit isn’t very old and hasn’t been damaged in any way.

You want to be confident in your decision.

Finally, a second opinion can be valuable simply to validate your decision. The last thing you would want to do is spend money on expensive repairs or a full replacement only to wonder if it was truly necessary. Could you have gotten a better deal? Could a different company have fixed the problem without ordering new parts? Don’t risk buyers remorse; get a second opinion and sleep well at night.

You can count on Allied Services for all your HVAC needs for your Dayton, Ohio area home. Ask us about our free second opinion service if you’re unsure about a previous quote you have received. Contact us today at (937) 269-5059 to schedule your appointment. Be confident with Allied Services.