When the summer heat is in full swing, you rarely think about what the energy bill will be like when you get it next month. All you care about is being nice and cool in that moment, so you crank the air conditioner up. However, if you’re hoping to save money on your energy bill this summer, there are several questions worth asking. You should have guidelines in place before the heat hits so you can keep yourself from wasting money and energy. Questions to Consider
  • Do I spend most of my time in one or two rooms? If you only need one or two rooms to be kept cool, consider portable or window air conditioners for those rooms. Modern units typically have high energy-efficiency ratings, so you’ll be cool in the rooms where you spend most time and save money.
  • Do I get a lot of direct sunlight from the windows in my home? Large open windows in direct sunlight will heat up your home in no time. Consider installing blinds or awnings to keep the direct sunlight from turning your home into a sauna.
  • Do I NEED to bake my cookies during the hottest part of the day? If possible, delay tasks that require using the oven or dishwasher until it gets cooler in the evening. The appliances give off a lot of heat. While those cookies may seem irresistible, is it worth adding the extra heat to your home and probably turning your AC up even higher?
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