We’ve made it to another summer here in Dayton, Ohio, and homeowners are gearing up for another season full of fun summertime activities. As the weather heats up, the quality of the air you breathe changes along with it and there are certain things you should be aware of regarding your indoor air quality. At Allied Services, Inc., we take indoor air quality seriously all year long, so read on to learn about what you need to be doing this summer to breathe cleaner air.

Summer Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

While it’s true that people tend to get outside more in the summertime, they also spend a significant amount of time indoors enjoying the air conditioning. In the past, people were primarily concerned with outdoor air pollution, but as we’ve learned more about indoor pollutants, we’ve realized that poor air quality can negatively affect us. Poor indoor air quality is especially bad for those with asthma or other breathing conditions as it can cause congestion, throat and eye irritation, and even coughing.

Summertime Allergens

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know that spring and summer are when allergen levels are higher. Those allergens can easily make their way into your home and settle on surfaces, in the carpet, or even inside the ducts of your HVAC system. Without high quality air filters, those allergens will continue to circulate throughout your home, making your family suffer the effects all season long.

Increased Use of the Air Conditioner

The final thing to consider is how much more you use your air conditioner in the summertime. While it’s an important tool to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, it also recirculates air and if that air isn’t filtered, it could be recirculating contaminants. Avoid these contaminants by having your HVAC regularly serviced, having your air ducts professionally cleaned, and changing your air filter even more often in the summer.

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