Recycling trash, buying local products, driving fuel-efficient vehicles—many people are doing their part to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. It’s all about consuming less and preserving more. However, many people don’t know how to make heating and cooling the house a sustainable process. After all, you would toast in the summer if you didn’t use your air conditioning—and shutting off the heat pump in the winter would be a frosty option indeed. So what is the green solution to home temperature control? It’s sitting in your yard. In fact, it is your yard.

Geothermal Solutions

Geothermal heating and cooling uses an underground loop system to trade temperatures with the earth. While temperatures dramatically fluctuate aboveground (depending on the season and the weather), the temperature of the earth underground remains fairly constant. While it’s contingent on where you live, it’s normally between 50°F and 70°F. The geothermal system circulates water via an underground loop, exchanging energy between your home and the earth, and ultimately producing the desired temperature in your house. In the summer, when your house is warm, water circulates along the underground track, expelling the heat from your house into the earth. Then it absorbs the cool temperatures underground and delivers them to your home. During the winter, the opposite occurs. The water circulates, absorbing the earth’s heat and bringing it into a geothermal unit. This unit compresses the heat to make it even warmer, and then sends it throughout your house.

Save the Environment; Save Money

If you’re tired of high heating and AC bills, a geothermal system is the answer. In fact, most homes save $600–$1200 annually. Better yet, this natural warming and cooling system reduces greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to learn more about geothermal heating and cooling, Allied Services has the answers. We’ve been in the industry for over 57 years, and specialize in HVAC systems and geothermal options in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at (937) 269-5059 today to speak to one of our professionals. We look forward to serving you.