Are the gray skies and bone-chilling temperatures of winter giving you cabin fever? While most of us aren’t lucky enough to spend the winter in Florida, that doesn’t mean we’re destined to a season of gloom and doom. In fact, Dayton, Ohio, features several activities that will help combat the winter blues. Have Fun and Warm Up Below are some warm and cozy things to do in Dayton:
  1. Enjoy some hot chocolate. Anyone who hasn’t visited Alexander’s Chocolate Classics® on East Main Street in Dayton is in for a treat. This upscale chocolatier has mouthwatering truffles, triple-chocolate brownies, and some of the best hot chocolate in town.
  2. Create a candle. It’s amazing how the sight and smell of one candle can warm the entire house. Spend an afternoon at Cozymelts in Dayton, and handcraft a candle by choosing the wax, color, and scent. This store also sells Woodwick® candles, soy candles, and a delicious assortment of coffees and teas.
  3. Work it out. Still can’t shake the shivers? Try heading to the Dayton YMCA® for a good workout. If you don’t like to work out alone, the group classes are a fun option. The YMCA features classes for every age and fitness level, ranging from Zumba® and Boot Camp to Women on Weights and the Senior Circuit.
Dayton Heating Maintenance One of the best ways to keep a home cozy during sub-zero temperatures is servicing the heating system. Haven’t had the heat pump or the furnace looked at in a while? The professionals at Allied Services, Inc. are here to help. We’ve been serving the Dayton, OH, community for almost 60 years. Our professionals can do everything from testing the HVAC system for efficiency to completing a furnace repair. Call at (937) 269-5059 to make an appointment. We look forward to keeping you warm this winter.