coldYou wake up in the middle of the night shivering under the covers. You reluctantly crawl out of bed to go check the thermostat, only to discover your home’s temperature has plummeted to 49 degrees! With single-digit temperatures across Ohio, you know you can’t wait. After piling more blankets on your bed, you start searching online for “heating repair Dayton OH.” For emergency, 24-hour heating repair, look no further than Allied Service, Inc. We know that lack of heat during the winter months is unbearable and potentially dangerous to you or your home. To help you with your heating repair needs, Allied Services, Inc. of Dayton has a special emergency hotline you can call when our office isn’t open. By calling (937) 269-5059, our on-call technician can help assess your heating concerns. We at Allied Services will do our best to help you with your heating needs. If a new heating unit or furnace installation is in order, we guarantee to have the job done within 48 hours. For non-emergency heating repairs, you can schedule an appointment with Allied Services, Inc. We have vast experience with heating repair, furnace repair and installation, heat-pump repair and installation, and other HVAC services. Allied Service, Inc. is a trusted name in heating in Dayton, OH, so contact our office today at (937) 269-5059. photo credit: Maxwell GS via photopin cc