How to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

June 1, 2021 | Air Conditioning

In the midst of the pandemic, many companies opted to have their employees work remotely from home in order to maintain their safety. Working from home has a great number of benefits and many companies are choosing to continue the practice even as the country begins to open back up. However, if you’re working in a home office full of computer equipment in the middle of summer, the heat may just make you forget all those great benefits. Fear not because your friends at Allied Services, Inc. has the solution for you!

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Can Your HVAC System Handle a New Addition?

April 15, 2021 | Air Conditioning

Are you aching for more space in your Ohio home? Perhaps after a long winter, you’re feeling a little boxed in. A home addition is a great way to get the space you need while avoiding the hassle of moving and the disappointment of leaving a neighborhood you love. However, as you plan to add on to your home, don’t forget to consider your HVAC system’s capabilities. To ensure your new addition is comfortable all year long, consider these options from your friends at Allied Services, Inc.

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Cooling Hard-to-Reach Rooms

September 15, 2020 | Air Conditioning

While the summer may be winding down here in Dayton, Ohio, we still have a few scorchers ahead on the forecast. During these hot summer days, does it seem like you have one room in your house that just won’t cool down no matter how long you run the air conditioner or how low you set the thermostat? Hard-to-cool rooms are a common problem for homeowners, but thankfully Allied Services, Inc. has a few tried and true tips to make that room much more comfortable as we wrap up the summer season.

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The Pros and Cons of a Mini Split HVAC System

September 8, 2018 | Cooling

Mini split HVAC systems are also called ductless systems, and they can cool or heat your home or office efficiently without ductwork. These systems are typically considered for new additions to a house that do not have ductwork instead of using a window unit. They consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outdoor compressor. Mini split systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly but might not be the best choice for everyone. Here are some pros and cons of mini split systems to help you weigh your options, according to the experts at Allied Services, Inc.

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