For those of us with allergies, fall is one of the worst times for flare-ups. Ragweed dances through the wind, pollen coats our cars’ windshields, and mold thrives in the damp piles of leaves in our yards. Unfortunately, sometimes this beautiful season of vibrant tree colors and Thanksgiving festivities is eclipsed by the miserable sneezing, sniffling, and wheezing induced by the allergens. Some people jokingly say, “If you don’t have allergies when you move to Dayton, you’ll get them soon after moving.” That statement actually has a lot of truth to it. In fact, this year the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranked Dayton, OH, as the seventh-worst allergy capital in the nation. The city has “worse than average” mold and pollen counts. This means that the high levels of allergens exacerbate the allergies of people who already suffer, and may induce allergies in people who haven’t been bothered before.

Purify Your Indoor Air

While you can’t control the outdoor air quality, you do have some control over your indoor air. Below are some steps you can take to make your home a refuge from the aggressive allergens in Ohio:
  1. Buy a home air filter. You can purchase small air purifier towers with built-in HEPA filters very inexpensively. These appliances run quietly throughout the day and filter the dust, mold, and other particles out of the air so you can breathe without worry.
  2. Keep a clean home. Most people with allergies are allergic to dust mites. Dusting and vacuuming regularly will help filter out these particles.
  3. Have a professional clean your HVAC. Your HVAC system (which stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning) needs to be cleaned periodically because dust, bacteria, and dead bugs collect in it. If you don’t clean your air ducts, all of those pollutants fly into the air whenever the AC or the heat comes on.
Located in Dayton, Ohio, the professionals at Allied Services, Inc. know how to clean up your home air. If you suffer from allergies, we can install air cleaners and other air treatment systems that will give you some relief this allergy season. We also specialize in furnace repair, air conditioning repair, and anything else your home ventilation system needs. Contact us at (937) 269-5059 to talk with an air expert about getting HVAC cleaning this fall, or heating system check before the winter cold sets in. We look forward to serving you.