Even though almost all Americans own and/or use an HVAC system, not many actually know that much about them. When problems arise, it is a good idea to call for service. However, having some basic knowledge of your system will help you troubleshoot when small issues occur. You can always call the friendly staff at Allied Services, Inc. with questions, but here are some top FAQs that might help you learn a little more about your home’s HVAC system. 

HVAC Questions Answered


  • What is HVAC? Short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The system is used to provide heating and cooling services to buildings and homes. It includes the duct work, air filters, humidification controls, and registers.
  • Why is my thermostat blank? There are a couple of possible reasons. The batteries may be dead, or you have lost power to the furnace. If you believe you’ve lost power to the furnace, check your power breakers.
  • Why is my HVAC system freezing up? Common causes include low refrigerant, dirty evaporator coils, a defective blower motor, and more. Make sure the air filter is clean and that airflow is not restricted, and then contact a professional technician at Allied Services.
  • What are zone systems? Zone systems split a home’s duct work into different comfort areas, providing independent temperature control. For example, a living room with large windows may retain too much heat in the summer and feel too cold during the winter. A zoning system regulates the temperature during each season to help compensate for the heat gained or lost through the windows.
  • Can I buy a heating or cooling system and install it myself? No, the manufacturer programs through Allied Services do not include “cash and carry”. Installation is included on all heating and air conditioning purchases through us. This practice ensures the manufacturer warranty is valid. We take 100% responsibility for selling, furnishing, and installing the heating system and/or cooling system you purchase.

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