Winter is coming. That means lower temperatures and higher energy bills. Your furnace will already be working to keep your home comfortable. So what steps can you take to help your furnace and save yourself some money? Here are three tips from the team at Allied Services, Inc.

3 Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill this Winter

1. Let the Light Shine In

Open your blinds as the sun comes out to let the vitamin D in. You may get some significant heat the old-fashioned way from the sunlight coming through your windows. Additionally, if your home is already warm, the heat won’t need to come on, saving you from having to worry whenever it does. Win-win. Just remember to cover the windows once night falls to help keep the cold air away.

2. Seal up the Air Leaks

Now is the time to find those pesky air leaks. Look for any air escaping through your walls, windows, ceilings, doors, light fixtures, outlets, and switches. Look for items like gaps, holes, and damaged weather stripping. The proven candle test can be used while inspecting your windows. Simply light a candle and hold it close to the windows (but be careful not to burn the curtains!). If you notice the flame flickering, there may be an air leak.

3. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

You can reduce the expense of your heating bill by using your ceiling fans. Just turn that fan so it spins clockwise instead of counterclockwise. Heat rises, and if it stays at the top of the room it won’t be helpful to you. You may assist the movement of all that trapped heat downward by changing the direction your fan is moving. This setting is often adjustable on the ceiling fan itself. Simply look for a small switch on the fan’s base. And be sure to keep the fan on its lowest setting.

On top of these tips, Allied Services, Inc. would recommend that you book a furnace service. That way you can take care of any necessary furnace repairs before it gets too cold here in Dayton, OH. Contact us today at (937) 269-5059 and ask about our specials.