Dayton Dehumidifier

During the summer, everyone tries to find a way to beat the heat. From trips to the community pool to cranking up the air conditioner, seeking asylum from the sun isn’t too difficult, but how do you escape the humidity? A slight change in humidity levels can make the environment feel warmer and affects the air quality in your own home.

At Allied Services, Inc., we provide Dayton homeowners with quality moisture-control units. Although an air conditioning unit can remove humidity, using the AC for this purpose can overwork the unit and increase energy costs. To keep humidity at bay, we recommend dehumidifying systems. Here are some signs you should invest in a central dehumidifier:

  1. Window condensation: When your windows have a fogged up interior, there’s probably an issue with excess moisture in the room. Too much indoor moisture can happen when a humidifier is too large for a room, the walls were improperly sealed, or the climate has a high humidity factor. Not only does humidity make your home feel stuffy, but it also can cause mold growth.
  2. Mold spots on the ceiling: Garages, basements, and bathrooms are often affected by trapped moisture. A telltale sign that a room has a moisture problem is if you see any mold spots on the ceilings or up in the corners of the walls. The biggest issue with mold is that if it goes unnoticed, it can adversely affect your health. You’ll need mold remediation services and a dehumidifier to keep the moisture from getting out of control again.
  3. Musty smell: When the effect of moisture is not evident to the naked eye, then how else can you detect the presence of mold? If a room has a musty smell, mold is growing in an overlooked area. Get a dehumidifier for an immediate solution, and look into a permanent way to eradicate the mold.
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By installing a whole-home dehumidifying system, Allied Services can help create better indoor air quality for your Dayton home. To learn more about our dehumidifying products, feel free to contact us at (937) 269-5059. We know the best products for keeping your home cool during hot summers.