Is your current heating system not cutting it? Are you considering an alternative HVAC system for your Ohio home or office? At Allied Services, Inc. of Dayton, OH, we can help you assess whether your property could benefit from geothermal heating and cooling. However, here are a few perks of geothermal energy that you may want to consider, courtesy of

1. Clean energy

Geothermal heating doesn’t require fossil fuels like many other heat sources. Instead, it uses an underground loop system that exchanges energy between your property and the earth to heat or cool your home or office. As a result, geothermal systems release significantly less carbon dioxide than most systems powered by other methods.

2. Consistency

No matter what Ohio weather brings, geothermal heating and cooling is available every day, every hour. You don’t have to be concerned about high winds or the next ice storm knocking out your power. You can set your mind at ease by choosing geothermal.

3. Self-contained

Unlike many fossil fuels, geothermal heating can be produced without having to import materials from outside the United States. Therefore, geothermal energy can be a good long-term solution for Ohio home or business owners. Want to know more about your geothermal heating and cooling options? Contact Allied Services, Inc. at (937) 269-5059. We can schedule a time to analyze your property to see what type of geothermal system will work best and answer your geothermal questions. Our technicians can give you a quote, and from there, you can choose whether to move forward and convert your home or office to geothermal heating. No matter what you decide, you can count on Allied Services, Inc. to be your Dayton expert in all things HVAC and furnace repair.