As the temperatures continue to drop, most Midwesterners find themselves desperately trying to stay warm indoors. A good and working furnace is critical in making it through the winter months. Your friends at Allied Services, Inc. will make sure that you don’t lose sleep over a faulty unit. If your unit is experiencing issues, needs a repair, or simply needs an inspection, pick up the phone and call Allied today. Here are three fun facts about furnaces that you probably haven’t heard before!

Furnace Facts

1. Furnaces are the most popular way to heat your home.

The vast majority of homes in the Midwest are heated by furnaces. Furnaces warm the house by sending air through a system of ducts found in the floors, walls, and ceiling. Energy sources for furnaces include natural gas, oil, and electricity, or sometimes a combination. Natural gas systems are the most popular and most economical, using as much as 30 percent less energy than electric systems.

2. Furnaces help keep your pipes from freezing.

It’s easy to think that the only benefit of having a high functioning furnace is to keep you and your family warm during the winter months. However, there are countless other benefits. The greatest of these might be that a working furnace can keep your pipes from freezing. Without a heating system, the water lines in your home will freeze in approximately three days.

3. Humidity level affects how warm you feel.

A very low humidity level will actually cause your home to feel colder than your temperature setting. A home kept at a high humidity level will actually feel warmer than its measured temperature.

4. Furnace maintenance is the key.

Your furnace needs regular maintenance. Too often, homeowners are reactionary with their furnace maintenance whereas being proactive can save you serious money! Did you know that a six-room house collects an average of forty pounds of dust a year? A healthy unit minimizes dust and keeps your family healthy.

It’s critical to keep your unit running smoothly when it gets cold. Whether your unit is in need of repair, or simply needs a checkup, call your friends at Allied Services, Inc. today at (937) 269-5059 to schedule an appointment!